Bridgewater Cricket Club

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  • We do not hold stock of these products. 

  • All garments are custom made and manufactured.

  • All orders will be processed into production after the campaign ends and have been approved by the club.

  • Delivery Date - as stated in the table below, corresponding with the dates of the campaign when your order was placed.

  • All orders will be delivered to the club.

  • Use Pomo Code:BRIDGEWATER40 

          *When you place order

          *And ONLY applies to: Bridgewater CC | Raglan Playing Polo Shirt SS

                                             or Bridgewater CC | Raglan Playing Polo Shirt LS

          *Multiple players to purchase each players items on separate orders if needed as the discount only applies $40 discount                to each order



Start Date

End Date (midnight)

Dispatch from Factory**

Campaign 1

Tuesday, 31st August

Sunday, 5th September

Week beginning 4th of October

Campaign 2

Wednesday, 8th September

Monday, 4th October

Week beginning 5th of November

Campaign 3

Friday, 15th October

Tuesday, 2nd November

Week beginning 5th of December


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