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Welcome to the North East Group - staff uniform ordering portal

**This collection is exclusive to the staff of North East Group**
Ordering Online:
  • There will be 12 Ordering periods per year - The first week of every month.
  • All orders will be approved by management at the end of the campaign prior to processing
  • Any orders not approved by management will be cancelled.
  • All orders will be delivered to head office and distributed individually.  
  • Orders must be placed before the campaign countdown timer ends.  Please refer to the countdown timer on this page.
  • At the end of the campaign, online ordering will be closed off and orders will be placed into production. 
  • Please note there will be no names on any of the shirts as requested by management. Any name put in the personalized box will be removed at production.

Order Delivery:

  • Delivery date for orders placed within each campaign will be as stated below as per delivery schedule. 

Sizing & Returns 

  • Sizing kits are available - please see NE Group Reception for assistance with sizing.
  • There are no returns or replacements for incorrect purchases or sizing. 



Start Date

End Date (midnight)

Dispatch from Factory**

Campaign 1

Thursday, 1st July

Sunday, 11th of July 

Week Starting 16th August

Campaign 2

Monday, 2nd August

Sunday, 8th August

Week Starting 6th of September

Campaign 3

Monday, 6th September

Sunday, 12th September

Week Starting 11th of October 

Campaign 4

Tuesday, 5th October

Monday, 11th October

Week Starting 8th of November

 Campaign 5

Monday, 1st November

Sunday, 14th November 

Week Starting 13th of December

 Campaign 6

Monday, 6th December

Sunday, 12th December

Week Starting 17th of January

Exact delivery/collection date may be impacted by club procedures or transport timeframes.

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