Pooraka Cricket Club

Welcome to the Pooraka Cricket Club online collection

Order Delivery:
All orders will be delivered to the club.  Orders must be placed before the end of the current campaign.  Please refer to the campaign countdown timer on this page.  At the end of the campaign, online ordering will be closed off and all orders received will be placed into production.

Campaign 4:
Campaign Start:
  Wednesday, 2nd October
Order before midnight: 
 Sunday, 20th October
Delivery:  Wk beginning 25th November

Campaign 3:
Campaign Start:
  Thursday, 19th September
Order before midnight: 
 Sunday, 29th September
Delivery:  Wk beginning 4th November

Campaign 2:
Campaign Start:
  Thursday, 29th August
Order before midnight: 
 Sunday, 15th September
Delivery:  Wk beginning 14th October

Campaign 1:
Campaign Start:
  Tuesday, 6th August
Order before midnight: 
 Sunday, 25th August
Delivery:  Wk beginning 7th October

How to Order:
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4. You can log back in at any time and view your past orders.
Note:  Orders will be delivered to the club

Online Payments:
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